Hydrogen hub to be built in Australia

Signal of change / Hydrogen hub to be built in Australia

By Jennifer Revell / 21 Mar 2019

Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) is funding a Hydrogen ‘hub’ in Altona, Australia that will produce a minimum of 60kg of renewable hydrogen per day.

The hydrogen, generated through electrolysis, will be suitable for both energy and mobility use.

Toyota Australia’s chief executive and president, Matt Callachor, has said, “Hydrogen has the potential to play a pivotal role in the future because it can be used to store and transport energy from wind, solar and other renewable sources to power many things, including vehicles like the Toyota Mirai fuel cell electric vehicle”.

A national strategy for hydrogen is being developed in partnership with key scientists and organisations across Australia's public and private sectors.


So what?

Hydrogen used on an industrial scale as fuel could significantly contribute towards efforts in lowering carbon emissions on a global scale.

What could the outcomes of a “hydrogen revolution” be?

If hydrogen is available to all car manufacturers and they adopt Toyota's ambitions of becoming “net-zero” carbon emissions across all of its sites and vehicles by 2050, the impact on reducing global warming could be significant.

Transportation currently contributes to 14% of overall greenhouse gas emissions.

If cars succeed in becoming carbon neutral, is it possible for all transportation to follow suit?

The impact of reducing CO2 emissions by 14%  would play a crucial role in reducing climate change.





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