Mascara add-ons that promise more inclusiveness

Signal of change / Mascara add-ons that promise more inclusiveness

By Carolina Altenburger / 29 Mar 2019

Grace, a UK-based brand, will launch accessories for make-up products in June, to make make-up more accessible for people with disabilities. The brand will start off with mascara add-ons that can be attached to any standard mascara tubes and provide alternative ways to hold the mascara wand and are planning to expand their product range.

For now, their collection will include rubber ball for a wide angle grip, a ring holder to hook a finger through so it doesn't slip, and a chunky square grip that can be attached to both sides to make it easier to open the mascara. The products are made of silicone and are dishwasher-friendly, so they are easy to clean and can be reused.

So what?

The brand addresses consumers who have been mostly overlooked by the beauty industry so far. Even though a trend towards more diversity has been picking up, people with disabilities are still left out most of the time. In a daily makeup routine we rarely consider that some others might find movements we are so used to rather hard. While it is questionable whether the use of makeup needs any more advertisement, with those add-ons Grace aims to make a part of people’s everyday life available for people with disabilities, who have been neglected by the beauty industry so far.


What might the implications of this be? What related signals of change have you seen?

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