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Hitachi energy deal suspended as the West further disconnects from nuclear

Signal of change / Hitachi energy deal suspended as the West further disconnects from nuclear

By Ryan Jones / 01 Apr 2019

Hitachi recently declared that it would suspend working on its 15 billion pound nuclear power project in North Wales after an agreement over the costs couldn’t be struck. They will also stop working on their secondary project in Old Bury England. After Tosihba's cancelled the construction of their Moorside plant last year, Britain’s nuclear campaign is left in tatters and has only one plant left in the pipeline.


So what?

Germany has announced all of it’s nuclear plants shut down by 2022, Italy voted to block all future projects and several US plants continue to close as they can’t compete with cheap shale gas. While there’s clear controversy around nuclear, right now if all of the current reactors continue to be aged out estimates suggest there could be a 6% increase in carbon emissions. Countries such as England are less abundant in solar energy and experts say they must find transitionary energy sources to meet their 2030 targets. The inclusion of international companies shows how government is struggling to deal with the massive upfront costs needed for new Nuclear platns. Most proposals have all had an Asian partner involved and the largest approved plant in England, Hinkley Point, is being built by a Chinese company.This reflects Asia’s own ambitious approach to research, development and implementation of Nuclear energy and pushes EU further out of the picture. China now has 15 new projects currently under construction and their Energy Action Plan says they look to "go global" with exporting nuclear technology.


What might the implications of this be? What related signals of change have you seen?

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