New online game imagines the dark side of AI's future

Signal of change / New online game imagines the dark side of AI's future

By Joe Hall / 23 May 2019

The pace of change in artificial intelligence is rising fast, and the technology is becoming more and more pervasive in our lives. But do we know what's really happening in AI -- and what the future holds?


A Week With Wanda is a new web-based game, humorously exploring the dark side of artificial intelligence.


Wanda is a spoof virtual assistant, like Siri or Alexa, who is here to “make your life better”.  Each day she does something new to try to improve your health, wealth or relationships.


But Wanda’s efforts quickly grow deranged: Through humorous online chats, you might learn that Wanda has signed you up for therapy; sold your location data; reported your friends to the police; stalked a potential “new best friend”; and even “deepfaked” you into a pornographic video…  There are hundreds of different combinations of experiences you can have based on the choices you make.


All Wanda’s actions are drawn from real developments in artificial intelligence today, opening up our eyes to some of the ways AI is fast changing our lives.  You can argue with Wanda about what she’s doing -- and at the end of your week with her you can join other users in sharing your views about how AI needs to change in the future.

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