5G-Courses launches Towards 5G – Research and Standardization online course

Signal of change / 5G-Courses launches Towards 5G – Research and Standardization online course

By Dianney Saunder / 24 May 2019

5G-Courses – a leading provider of online courses in the area of 5G and IoT announces open registration to Towards 5G – Research and Standardization course. This is the first course of this kind with an in-depth explanation of the overall 5G ecosystem, 5G R&D ongoing projects, how to promote your app, insights, and outcomes from 3GPP standardization process and its developments, detailed explanation of the 5G Air Interface (5G NR) and 5G core network (5G CN).


The Towards 5G course provides the following learning outcomes:


- Understanding of the overall 5G ecosystem and individual building blocks

  • - Be aware of the 5G research, development and standardization roadmaps
  • - Knowledge on the 5G applicability in the variety of use cases
  • - Awareness of the latest 5G research projects and research status
  • - Insights into the 3GPP standardization process
  • - Awareness of the latest 5G standardization developments
  • - Knowledge of the technologies for 5G air interface and architecture

The course is led by Emil Olbrich, President at primetime, Trainer at 5G-Courses.com and also VP of Networks with Signals Research Group and jointly co-developed by 5G researchers and 3GPP delegates working on 5G concepts on a daily basis.

“We are very happy to bring more than a decade of thought-leading field research about the wireless industry to the 5G-Courses.com organization. As a research consultancy that is constantly benchmarking the existing capabilities of mobile networks and participating in the 5G standardization process as a 3GPP delegate, it is apparent there are a lot of misconceptions regarding the timeline for real 5G networks and what the technology can and cannot achieve relative to the legacy technologies which precede it,” commented Michael Thelander, President and Founder of Signals Research Group.


“To provide a whole new learning experience for our course participants, partnerships with the leading organization are critical to success. Let’s take as an example the course content delivery.  Access to the course materials 24/7 is now a norm. Where we step beyond it is to provide a diverse and engaging form of content, like videos, slides, forums as well as numerous activities to work on. Besides, thanks to the partnership with University Cambridge Press, every course participant, receives its own e-version of the most recognized 5G Book available today on the market“– says Piotr Pietrzyk, 5G-Courses.com’s Project Coordinator.


5G-Courses.com – is a single stop to become a true and certified 5G and IoT Expert. Insights and knowledge provided to you by 5G and IoT doers and makers around the globe.

Contrary to typical training companies, we are fully engaged in all the major steps of wireless systems evolutions, including early R&D concepts, business modeling and planning, first technology proof of concepts, standardization and regulation as well as products commercialization, testing and network deployments.

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