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100 US leaders launch healthier, more sustainable school meals

Signal of change / 100 US leaders launch healthier, more sustainable school meals

By Jennifer Revell / 06 Jun 2019

A US-based initiative, Re-working Lunch, has been formed by approximately 100 leaders from across multiple sectors to tackle the impact of unhealthy school lunches throughout the nation.

In the States, one in five children struggle with hunger, and one in three are on track to develop diabetes in their lifetime. The group's aim is to make healthier, more sustainable meals the norm for the 30 million children who rely on their school meals, often as the main source of their daily nutrition.

After the initial launch of the on June 5th 2019, participants will form smaller groups to action strategies and pilot these across the united states.  


So what?

ReWorking Lunch has the potential to address nutrition issues within children in the US such as malnourishment and obesity. These issues are more common in children from low-income backgrounds, setting the stage for inequality early on in life. By ensuring that schools can provide high quality, balanced food every day, children can thrive as students and lay the groundwork to become healthy, successful adults.

The links between nutrition and learning outcomes are evident; children who suffer from diet issues such as hunger or obesity generally score lower on tests, having a domino effect on their overall future. Ensuring that all children are given nutritious meals throughout their school day allows them to learn at their full potential. Furthermore, if a child adopts healthy food habits from a young age, they are less likely to suffer from diet-related issues later on in life.

Could ReWorking Lunch help to create a healthier generation? To what extent might it also address food sustainability and security concerns? 




What might the implications of this be? What related signals of change have you seen?

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