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World's first robot artist

Signal of change / World's first robot artist

By Areeba Hasan / 09 Jul 2019

Ai-Da, brainchild of art dealer Aidan Meller, is the world’s first ‘ultra-realistic humanoid artist’. She is designed to draw what she sees with an in-built camera in her eye and a robotic arm that holds a pencil. Meller claims that technology alone is not responsible for the robot’s art and that she has “the incredible technologies and abilities to produce remarkable, innovative, creative artwork”. Ai-Da’s first artworks were displayed at an exhibition at the University of Oxford in mid June and were sold for £1 million ahead of the exhibition.


So what?

Ai-Da is simply the next logical move in a series of steps towards automation in art forms. Creative processes from music production to fashion design, and several others in between, are increasingly using artificial intelligence. Robotic or computer generated art has also been thriving in art galleries in the world. 

In this case scenario it is important to consider the future possibilities, both positive and negative, that this automation of creativity brings. In a report commissioned by Adobe, a majority of creative professionals felt unthreatened by AI but with consistent advancements in the field, will it prove to be a boon or a threat in the future world of creative work?



What might the implications of this be? What related signals of change have you seen?

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