Volvo signals end of combustion engine

Signal of change / Volvo signals end of combustion engine

By Patrick Elf / 06 Jul 2017

What might the implications of this be? What related signals of change have you seen?

This is a story that's had large coverage in the media, great. I think it's an example of where the framing of the story has hyped it really well. I mean the change won't be dramatic. It means that they will not introduce new engine only models, but they will still make and sell previous engine only models for years. Also it's not battery only, hybrids will be introduced and they use a petrol engine of course. What's encouraged me most is that the right wing British press and the Times ran with this headline in a positive way, rather than "look how green rules are taking away our beloved manly petrol cars." In fact the lefty press ignored it. It shows there are angles that work across the political spectrum.
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Whereas this is all very true, I like to see it from a slightly more positive angle. The current political climate in the UK and on the other side of the Atlantic, but also across Europe, does not necessarily urge these steps away from our fossil-fuel addicted lifestyles and business processes. Arguably, while awareness is growing across sectors, most companies are still paying huge sums to lobbyists to maintain the business-as-usual, or are waiting for the Teslas and other innovators to make the first move that they can follow once there is a market. For me that move from Volvo was unexpected and I am hoping to see other car manufacturers following their example and drive real change.
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