Solar power panda to come to the UK

Signal of change / Solar power panda to come to the UK

By Simeon Elliot / 14 Jul 2017

I recently saw an article surrounding a new solar power plant in China, that is around 250 acres, had been designed and built in the shape of a giant panda. Producing 50-megawatts of energy, the power plant is the first phase of a United Nations Development Program to promote renewable energy. It caught my eye as recently I had been talking to the CEO of SOL PV Group based in the same mill/offices as where I work. 

In short, they were aware of the Panda (as it happens, they did a blog article on it) and had a couple of enquiries as to how much something like that would cost to build in the UK (albeit on a much smaller scale). 

SOL PV Group loved the idea of building solar power farms to represent characters and after much discussion we joked about some of the potential places where solar power could be shaped to represent objects and we both agreed there were some great ideas that could be implemented. The best we could think of for solar power panels was to have the letters  'A, B, C' on primary schools. The possibilities were pretty endless but it did get us to thinking why this hadn't been done before. We again realised it was because China was so far ahead in the Solar Power game.  

What shaped solar power farms can we expect in the UK? I'd guess it'd be the Union Jack somewhere soon before more elaborate pieces come to fore. 

Panda power! China is building the world's cutest solar station

China really loves its giant pandas and the adorable black and white bear is the inspiration behind a new green energy station helping power the Asian nation. The world's first panda solar station in Datong, Shanxi, has just been connected to the grid, covering a total area of 248 acres.

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What might the implications of this be? What related signals of change have you seen?

Thanks for sharing this Simeon! I googled for the solar powered panda and it looks rather impressive. Aesthetics and form are seldom considered when it comes to renewables, but indeed why not create something visually inspiring and arresting while still maximising energy efficiency.
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Hi Dorothy, I agree. Anything that isn't an eyesore and gains attention towards renewable energy is a brilliant idea. I can't wait to see what comes next :)
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