Twitch and YouTube 'taking misogynistic abuse in gaming seriously'

Signal of change / Twitch and YouTube 'taking misogynistic abuse in gaming seriously'

By Anna Warrington / 28 Sep 2016

Two of the biggest gaming sites in the world say they are battling to stamp out sexist and misogynistic comments and behaviour on their platforms.

Female gamers have told Newsbeat they get regular abuse on sites like Twitch and YouTube.

Improvements are "happening as fast as we can" according to Anna Prosser Robinson from Twitch.

"Harassment has no place on the platform and we have guidelines against it," adds YouTube.

The online abuse of women is not an issue that is unique to gaming.

It is something that has been seen in other fields including sportmusic andfilm.

The trade body representing the gaming industry in the UK, UKIE, says there needs to be a "shared responsibility" approach.

"Online abuse is a society-wide issue and there's a shared responsibility to combat it through technology and education," it said in a statement.

"The games industry takes its responsibility to consumers seriously and companies employ community teams and moderation teams, as well as technical solutions to report abuse."

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