Instagram and video sharing boost veganism

Signal of change / Instagram and video sharing boost veganism

By Anna Simpson / 17 Jul 2017

Instagram features among factors influencing teens to embrace vegan diets, in an article based on interviews with young vegans published by the Guardian.

Megan Malthouse, a 17-year-old vegan, says: "On Instagram, people make veganism look like a very desirable lifestyle, and young girls can be influenced by that. They always show pictures of vegan people looking beautiful and healthy."

Other young vegans cite widely shared videos, such as Cowspiracy, as major factors in their shift.  

The Guardian reports a 350% rise in people adopting plant-based diets in the UK since 2006, with 42% of the current total in the age bracket 15-34.

So what?

This suggests the power of social media networks to drive behavioural change at scale.  

Companies are also turning to the power of networks to scale vegan options: the vegetarian burger company Vurger Co is crowdfunding to open its first restaurant in London. 


What might the implications of this be? What related signals of change have you seen?

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