UK solar overtakes coal for 6 months!

Signal of change / UK solar overtakes coal for 6 months!

By James Goodman / 27 Oct 2016

Another signal among a seemingly countless number of signals that the energy transition – from a centralised, fossil-fuel-based system, to a smart, decentralised and renewable system – continues apace.

In 2015, electricity from coal was outpaced by renewables. 2016 has gone one better, and solar power alone produced more electricity than coal for a full six months this year in the UK.

So what?

Scepticism about the potential for solar power in the UK was rife just a few years ago. So much has changed! The adoption curve for solar electricity is steep, and the potential for whole system change is even greater when considering rapid developments in energy storage tech and peer-to-peer energy trading.


What might the implications of this be? What related signals of change have you seen?

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