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France aims to invest €1 billion in future proteins

Signal of change / France aims to invest €1 billion in future proteins

By Anna Simpson / 29 Nov 2016

The French Agriculture Minister and the Secretary of State for Industry have signed an agreement with the Protein France industry consortium, which comprises some of the country's biggest agri-food companies, to boost investment into research and innovation on animal and vegetable proteins, with a focus on 'future proteins' such as microalgae and insects. The aim is to invest up to 1 billion over the next five years.

Those involved include the oilseed and protein crop company Avril Group and the cooperative Limagrain.


So what?

The investment will go towards research into increase the quality and diversity of proteins, and to scale new products and start-ups.

The aim is to bring plant-based proteins to market more rapidly, and to give the French protein sector a competitive advantage, increasing the value of its exports.

The FAO projects that global demand for protein will increase by 7% per year to 2030. Scaling and diversifying plant-based proteins is crucial to meet this.


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