Finland to host world's largest parent-teacher conference

Signal of change / Finland to host world's largest parent-teacher conference

By Courtnee O'Neill / 08 Nov 2016

"The parent-teacher night will highlight some of the innovations underway as part of HundrED, which is running experiments all over Finland. A goal is to explain to parents the magnitude of the challenges facing educators, and the cool things teachers and students are doing to address those challenges...

- A project to create the country’s most successful gaming room, where kids have access to technology, space, and time to build educational gaming tools

- Uber for parents, a digital tool to enable parents to share their expertise in classrooms across Finland

- Crowdsourced sex ed, with input from students

- Building self-esteem and self-awareness through works of one author

- Triplet, a news service in partnership with Yle, Finland’s state-owned broadcaster, to turn daily news into education material overnight, delivered to teachers’ mobile phones the next morning

- A plan to have every member of parliament spend a day in a K-12 school, to spark dialog about what is happening in the country’s schools."

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