Climate changing too fast for species to adapt

Signal of change / Climate changing too fast for species to adapt

By Clare Day / 23 Nov 2016
Many species will not be able to adapt fast enough to survive climate change, say scientists. A study of more than 50 plants and animals suggests their ability to adapt to changes in rainfall and temperature will be vastly outpaced by future climate change. "Overall, our results show that rates of climatic niche change among populations of plants and animals are dramatically slower than projected rates of future climate change," said Tereza Jezkova and John Wiens, of the University of Arizona. Double jeopardy Mammals and birds might be better placed to survive than amphibians and reptiles, because they had the ability to regulate their own body temperatures, said Dr Wiens.And, while some species might be able to move to higher latitudes or elevations to survive, "for a lot of organisms, that is not an option". "It's a double jeopardy of climate change and habitat destruction," he told BBC News.

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