Campbell’s Soup invests in personalized nutrition start-up

Signal of change / Campbell’s Soup invests in personalized nutrition start-up

By Alisha Bhagat / 14 Dec 2016

By investing $32 million in Habit, a personalized nutrition company, Campbell’s Soup shows support for new ways of thinking about nutrition. Habit provides consumers an at-home test that collects data on their physiology and provides them with personalized recommendations for food choices to suit their bodies, as well as home delivery.

So what?

Large food companies investing in personalized nutrition indicates a shift in the way we choose and consume food. Tailored diets could lead to better health outcomes for individuals. However, critics of personalized nutrition state that it is currently a service only available to affluent people, who are already more likely to eat healthy food anyhow. Can personalized nutrition be scaled to offer people at risk of malnutrition or obesity better choices?


What might the implications of this be? What related signals of change have you seen?

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