Old clothes could be transformed into jet fuel

Signal of change / Old clothes could be transformed into jet fuel

By Charlene Collison / 20 Dec 2016

A method for turning discarded garments into jet fuel has been developed in a collaboration between Japan Airlines, recycling firm Japan Environmental Planning (Jeplan) and the Green Earth Institute. Discarded garments collected from retailers can be turned into biofuel using a fermentation technology; an experimental fuel plant is in the process of development. Jeplan already works with 12 retailers, including Aeon and Muji parent Ryohin Keikaku, to collect used garments at some 1,000 stores across Japan.

So what?

While the cotton in the clothing produces only a small amount of jet fuel, it offers the benefit of a resourceful technology that could place the alternative energy source in trials as early as 2020, while diverting the huge amount of clothes that are currently dumped in landfills.



What might the implications of this be? What related signals of change have you seen?

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