Gap to launch app that lets you virtually try on clothes without leaving home

Signal of change / Gap to launch app that lets you virtually try on clothes without leaving home

By Charlene Collison / 05 Oct 2017

Gap recently unveiled a new pilot app called the DressingRoom, which lets customers 'try on' clothes in an augmented reality experience. Users can try on the piece of clothing from anywhere on a Google Tango-enabled device. To use it, shoppers simply select a Gap style, choose their body type and a digital mannequin appears wearing the garment. Customers will have the ability to move the avatar around to see how the clothing looks from different angles, and to buy the garment from within the app.


Gap Dressing Room AR APP By Avametric from Ari Bloom on Vimeo.

So what?

The clothing brand is calling their experience 'augmented reality', as it overlays virtual images, such as clothing, on top of a real-life image. The DressingRoom by Gap pilot app is a collaboration with Avametric, a firm that creates 3D renders for fashion brands, and Google. The app is just one element of the developer longer-term strategic plan in this space to make online shopping easier. Online shopping has become more popular than visiting physical locations, and the development of virtual reality as part of the online shopping experience is a response to the way technology continues to change the way customers engage with brands, browse products and shop. Might virtual reality shops become the high street of the future?


What might the implications of this be? What related signals of change have you seen?

Surely this was in a fashion futures scenario back in the day? 

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